Build Your Personal Brand With 5 Minutes a Day

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When I work with busy professionals, especially those at the exec level, one of the top reasons they list for not having a well-baked personal brand is time… and I get it.

I know you’re busy, and truth be told: social media doesn’t always have immediate ROI. Growing a brand, be it personal or not, takes time. But the truth is, it might not be quite as much as you think. Here are five things you can do this week to get started building a personal brand that works for you:

Leave a Comment

Simple, right?

No matter where your personal brand calls home, most social platforms allow for comments - and their algorithms really like them. Right now, my focus is growing my LinkedIn, so I’ve challenged myself to leave at least one meaningful comment each weekday. Doing a quick search for digital marketing or small business trends allows me to easily reach influencers in the space, potential collaborators, and prospective clients.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Groups are also great channels for conversation to take place. Just remember not to spam: comments should be well thought out, have some depth, and truly contribute to the conversation. If I can’t find anything that you connect with one day, I skip it and double up the next.

Post an Article

Maybe you’re an e-commerce wiz. Or maybe you’re an engineering expert. Whatever your niche, I can almost guarantee you there are tons of articles out there about that topic. So why not use them to your advantage?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to reinvent the wheel and create brand new blogs each day to demonstrate your thought leadership. Sure, they don’t hurt (we’ll get to that later), but just taking a few minutes to scroll through your favorite publications, add a bit of commentary, and publish to your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter feed can demonstrate your passion and love for what you do.

Pro-tip: use a tool like Feedly to source content from your favorite publishers, housed in one easy feed.

Like or Share

Even easier, yet. Though ‘likes’ don’t necessarily carry as much value as a comment, that doesn’t mean that they don’t matter.

Regularly engaging with your friends and followers is a key part of maintaining a presence on social media. So many of my clients have invested time and money into creating incredible content, yet aren’t seeing a return. 9 times out of 10, it’s because they haven’t been putting in the work into cultivating a community and building a loyal group of followers that actively consumes said content.

And yes, it can all start with a simple ‘like’. Remember though, only double tap things that you really, truly enjoy, and get outside of your comfort zone once in awhile, too. Doing hashtag research and getting active in communities outside of your immediate network can be a great way to build new relationships over time.

Batch, Batch, Batch

Engagement matters, curation is important… but content is still king.

At the end of the day, you need good content to share if you’re looking to take your personal brand up a notch. But yes, creating good stuff does take time. My recommendation? Outsource creation of the big stuff (i.e. videos, podcasts) and batch produce whatever you’d like to create in-house. Batching is the process of creating content in mass quantities, and queuing it up to post at a later date.

One of the easiest things to batch is Instagram captions.

Feeling inspired on a Saturday morning? Create a new Evernote notebook and write away! Now, whenever you have a new photo to post, you can quickly pull a meaningful, well-edited caption out of your archives or schedule it in advance.

Update as Needed

When I first start working with a mentorship client, one of the first things I ask them to do is Google themselves. Sometimes they get results that they expected, sometimes they’re horrified, but they almost always have work to do afterwards.

Don’t want that blog out there in the universe? Delete it. LinkedIn headline still reflective of a position you had three years ago? Update it. Lacking in search results? Get to creating (and ranking)!

Whether you’re looking to gain new business, professionally represent your company, or build a more solid Internet community, having a personal brand that’s up-to-date and truly reflective of you is so important, and it doesn’t take long to make sure that it’s representative of you and your values.

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Latasha James