How to Develop an Influencer Marketing Strategy


Influencer marketing is an extremely valuable way to advertise your business while reaching a niche audience of potential customers who are likely to be interested in your product. However, just sending your product to a variety of social networking influencers isn’t just going to make your product sell or bring customers to your business. Instead, you’ll need to develop a serious strategy when it comes to how to target influencers and how to approach them in order to make your campaigns successful. With so many people using the Internet as a primary form of communication and viewing advertisements, it is essential that companies use this strategy to get their business and products noticed.

Consider What Type of Influencer Your Business Needs

Finding the right influencer in context with your brand is extremely important when it comes to sales. Don’t just search for someone with the biggest audience, but search for someone who fits in well within your product or business’ niche. Before you approach an influencer, you will need to evaluate their audience and whether or not your product or service will be of interest to them. For example, blogger and mega-influencer Zoella may have a huge audience base, but her audience is mostly teenage girls. Therefore, advertising car wax with her likely won’t see many returns.

Find the Perfect Influencer

This can be a bit tricky and daunting if you don’t have a lot of experience within the realm of social media or social media influencers. However, searching for hashtags that users who would need or use your product may engage with or looking up your company’s social mentions is a great place to start. If your company has the resources, hiring a PR company to help target influencers can also be a great way to go about finding the perfect fit for your brand.

Search For Influencers with Engaged Audiences

There is a tendency for businesses to try and target the largest social media influencer and send them products and samples. To guarantee that your product or business will be featured can cost you quite a lot of money. Instead, look for what are called micro-influencers, or smaller niche influencers with lots of engagement. These personalities have developed trust with their audience, and therefore you will likely get more conversions from an advertisement with them. Often times, it will even be a cheaper, and wiser, investment.

Take Influencer Marketing Seriously as a Marketing Strategy

One mistake many businesses make is not to take influencer marketing seriously or to throw a strategy together at the last minute without a budget. They may demand bloggers or vloggers review or feature their product in exchange for a free sample or a photo on their website. What they don’t realize is that many influencers get several of these requests a day. For many, it is their livelihood, so there is no guarantee they will be featuring your business if you simply provide a free sample or a featured photograph. This is also not a great way to develop a lasting relationship with an influencer, who may regard your business as one that seeks to take advantage of them and their large audience.

Develop a Relationship with the Influencer

Developing a relationship with the influencer also helps their reviews seem more authentic. Asking an influencer to review a product one time or plug your business once can sometimes seem out of place on their social network. If you are working with a smaller niche influencer, especially, it is important to develop a lasting and trusting relationship. This means that they will likely be talking about your business or product more often over time, which will drive more conversions than just one random mention.

Latasha James