Why You Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy

New business owner? I know what you're thinking. 

"I use Facebook every day. I can totally handle managing my business page." 

And you probably can. But should you just hop into it solo?

Whether you're going it alone or ready to work with an experienced, dedicated professional, every social media initiative needs to start with a discussion on strategy. Here's why.

Connect with Your Customers 24 Hours A Day

Social media is where your customers are! If it’s happening, it’s being talked about on social media. Social media marketing has taken the world by storm.

Our favorite brands are now available nearly 24/7 for conversation and and always open for business via social media.  There is currently an extraordinary opportunity for businesses and brands to get their message out and to really connect with customers using social media marketing.

What Should I Include in My Strategy?

Brands need to develop a social media strategy that outlines the brand's goals and expectations for the social media campaign. Once these guidelines have been established, then the brand is one step closer to being ready to get involved in the social media conversation.  

Once important goals, metrics, and measures have been established, the next step is to determine what tools your social media team will use to execute your strategy.

Social Media Management Tools

Scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite give you the option of scheduling single or bulk social media posts in order to keep your timelines filled and interactive.

Here at James + Park, we're also huge fans of incorporating content calendars into your strategy. Having everything laid out in one spot for everyone on the team to access helps us all stay aligned and on the path towards success.

Create an Overview of Your Content

Content calendars or editorial calendars provide a weekly, or monthly view into what content will be scheduled and shared. The content calendar is a great tool to use in order to plan for seasonal and holiday campaigns.

Benefits of Having a Solid Social Media Strategy

Social Media has become a key component in our world. Whether the conversation has to do with key business matters, world news, or what your best friend is having for dinner tonight, these conversations are now being had publicly on social media.

In order to use social media to expand your business reach and influence, your social media team has to be up to the challenge and prepared. Having a solid social media strategy is paramount to creating and executing a successful social media campaigns.

Hang Out with Your Customers Online

Identifying the best sites for your business, ideal posting times for your audience, and planning for how your business will handle negative feedback from the audience are all planning components that go into creating a successful social media strategy.

Creating a social media strategy allows for your business to plan in advance for important metrics that will determine the success of your social media campaigns and identify the key factors that are influencing your company’s ROI.

Get People Talking About Your Brand

The goal of social media marketing overall is to participate in the conversation with your customers to understand what their needs are related to your brand, how you can adapt to those needs, and build lasting relationships along the way.

A good social media strategy allows for you to measure how well you’re doing with relationship building by providing measures for observable metrics.

Measure the Performance of Your Content

Examples of observables metrics includes increase or decreases in the amount of traffic to your website, audience engagement and global conversations surrounding your brand. One obvious observable metric is a notable increase in conversions of potential buyers into customers.

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