social media marketing

You know you need a social media marketing strategy... but let's face it, getting started isn't easy. Partnering with us means that instead of sweating the social stuff, you can focus on what really matters: your business (because no one does it like you do.)

Packages are offered on a monthly basis and include reporting, strategy sessions, and account management.


Creative Solutions

Your website is your digital home base... and we can help you build it. We specialize in creating unique Squarespace experiences that are optimized for search and mobile-friendly.

We also know how important content is in today's world. With over 10 years in the editing game, we've got you covered, from captions to audio edits.

Our current passion is podcasts, and we’ll do it all to get yours off the ground: edits, show notes, marketing strategy, and more.


Personal Branding

Social media strategy involves more than just your products, services, or content. It also involves you.

Our mentorship packages help you learn the skills needed to spread your message, showcase your talents, connect with influencers in your industry, and build your brand.

Mentorships are perfect for CEO's, founders, or other business leaders. They are 12 week, customized programs developed with your specific business objectives in mind.